Queen Capital is a pioneer in private investment in technology-enabled industries and financial services in Asia. Queen Capital invests with the strategic and operational insights of an experienced industry participant

We invest in business of development stages. No matter where the business is in its development or well established, we can add value. We work together with management teams and local partners to solve problems and accelerate growth. In all of our investments, we believe in utilizing technology to improve processes and efficiency. ......

Queen Capital is an Asia-focused independent private equity and consulting firms. We provide capital for expansion and merger and acquisition, for both private and public companies. Headquartered in United States, the firm oversees a broad-based portfolio of investments in sectors ranging from supply chain management, financial services, manufacturing, media, agriculture and transportation. Queen Capital earns superior returns by investing in companies with competitive operational strengths and quality management.

Honorary Chairman
Mr. Jeff T.
Mr. Jeff is Chairman of Queen Capital. He has been an active advisor to and investor in the technology industries for more than 20 years. Prior to Queen Capital, Mr. Jeff was a Managing Director at a China-focused venture capital firm in the United States.

Senior Investment director
Mr. Johnny Tang
Mr. Johnny Tang is a senior investment director at Queen Capital while he shares responsibilities for private equity fund investments and direct/co-investments in private companies in Philippines and Greater China. Mr. Tang is a certified public accountant (Practising) in Hong Kong and has over 25 years of experience in overseeing the financial matters both in the private companies and public companies.
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