Audit & Accounting Fee Loan

We are the first one in Hong Kong offering the audit and accounting fee loan. The sole purpose is to serve the needs of Accountants and their clients by providing a cash flow solution to enable the small business to settle their accounting bills in full whilst assisting them to smooth their cash flow via a simple monthly payment arrangement. Benefits to the Accountant's practices: facilitate expansion of practice, improve client satisfaction, reduce aged Debtors and work-in-progress, track audit client's payment history on-line, no more need to discount your billable charges to "soften the blow". Benefits to the Accountant's clients: option to pay by monthly installment, improved cash flow, improved relationship with accountant, better budgeting and forecasting of accounting and audit fees, fees and charges are generally tax deductible.

  • Typical size of loan: HK$100,000 to HK$5,000,000.

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