Honorary Chairman : Mr. Jeff T.
Mr. Jeff is Chairman of Queen Capital. He has been an active advisor to and investor in the technology industries for more than 20 years. Prior to Queen Capital, Mr. Jeff was a Managing Director at a China-focused venture capital firm in the United States.

Senior Investment director : Mr. Johnny Tang
Mr. Johnny Tang is a senior investment director at Queen Capital while he shares responsibilities for private equity fund investments and direct/co-investments in private companies in Philippines and Greater China. Mr. Tang is a certified public accountant (Practising) in Hong Kong and has over 25 years of experience in overseeing the financial matters both in the private companies and public companies.

Investment Partner - Mr. Luong Chi Sieu (William)
Mr. Luong becomes an investment partner of Queen Capital since 2015. He is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. Mr. Luong started his career in early 2000 and involved himself in agricultural products trading in South East Asia and then get into the real estate development where he made a fortune. He went on to start and exit 10 other infrastructure and public utilities companies in Vietnam, Cambodia and China. His latest venture is a US$5 Billion energy project in Vietnam. Mr. Luong is a limited partner in 5 VC funds and he is an angel investor in more than 20 promising start-ups.

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